Winning Riders

winning riders

LEFT TO RIGHT: Bud Dardi and Pancho, 1966 and 1968 Tevis Cup Winner; Becky Hart and Grand Sultan, 1984 and 1988 Tevis Cup Winner; Marcia Smith, 1992 (tie), 1997, and 2001 Tevis Cup Winner on Harry (also won Haggin Cup, On A High, and Saamson CC)


Updated 8/10/18

There are minor differences in the number of men vs. women winners. Percentages shown have been rounded.

Category Best Performance (Tevis Cup) Superior Condition (Haggin Cup)
Women 34 (51.51%) 28 (52.83%)
Men 32 (48.49%) 25 (47.17%)
Total Awards 66 53


There have been 63 Rides to date, but there have been 66 Ride winners. In 1976, 1992, and again in 2004 there was a tie for first place.
There have been 54 Rides to date since the endowment of the Haggin Cup, but only 53 Haggin Cup winners. In 1989 no best condition award was made.
Recorded timings for the Ride did not begin until 1961.
A minimum completion time of 17:00 hours elapsed time or 13:30 hours riding time was used for two years only: 1962 and 1963. What the penalty was for finishing "too soon" is unclear.
Shortest time to win on the traditional course (the 2011 course was modified due to weather) was 10:46 - equal to 9.29 mph or 14.95 km/h - in 1981 by Boyd Zontelli on Rushcreek Hans.
Longest time to win was 16:23 (equal to 6.11 mph or 9.83 km/h) in 2003 - Heather Bergantz Reynolds on Master Motion. Commercial and residential development have invaded many of the once remote areas crossed by the original 100 mile Tahoe-to-Auburn trail. Due to the many year-to-year changes in the Ride route, it is difficult to make direct comparisons of record times.
Youngest person to win was Neil Hutton in 1964 at age 17. The youngest person to win the Haggin Cup was Barrak Blakeley in 2014 at age 17.
One rider and her horse won the Ride six times, counting one tie: Donna Fitzgerald on Witezarif.
Fifteen riders have won more than once - Wendell Robie, Ed Johnson, Bud Dardi, Donna Fitzgerald, Hal Hall, Boyd Zontelli, Marjorie Pryor, Loreley Stewart, Becky Hart, Chris Knoch, Erin McChesney, Marcia Smith, Jeremy Reynolds, Heather Reynolds and Potato Richardson.
Of the riders who have won more than once, seven have won with two different horses: Wendell Robie, Boyd Zontelli, Hal Hall, Loreley Stewart, Marcia Smith, Jeremy Reynolds.

In 2001 Marcia Smith became the first to win the Tevis Cup on three different horses (Harry '92 tied, On A High '97, and Saamson CC '02). In 2015 Potato Richardson became the second (Fille de Cailana '98, SMR Fayette de Cameo '02 and SMR Filouette '15). Most recently Heather Reynolds became the third person to win the Tevis Cup on three different horses (Master Motion '03, French Open '14, Cayucos '18).
Eight times the Tevis Cup and the Haggin Cup were swept by one rider:Sam Arnold on Rushcreek Champ in 1976, Erin McChesney on Cougar's Fete in 1991, Marcia Smith on Harry in 1992, Erin McChesney (again!) on Cougar's Fete (again!) in 1996, Heather Bergantz Reynolds on Master Motion in 2003, Jeremy Reynolds on CV Eli in 2004 and 2011 on Riverwatch, and John Crandell III in 2006 on Heraldic.
Only one person has twice won both trophies in the same year: Erin McChesney on Cougar's Fete (1991 and 1996).

One rider has won the prestigious Haggin Cup on three different horses - On Sunday, August 6, 2017 it was announced that Treasured Moments was the third horse that Jeremy Reynolds had placed into the position of Superior Condition (CV Eli in 2004, Riverwatch in 2011 and Treasured Moments in 2017).

Three other riders have won the Haggin Cup on two different horses - Paige Harper (on Keno in 1964, and on Raskela in 1968); Hal Hall (on El Karbaj in 1972 and 1978, and on Bogus Thunder in 2002), Heather Bergantz Reynolds (on Crystal's Charm in 1999, and on Master Motion in 2003).

The first Mustang to win the Haggin Cup was MM Cody in 2018; owned by Mark Montgomery and ridden by Mykayla Corgnell.