Combined Cup Winners

Winners of both the Tevis Cup and the Haggin Cup in the same year: 1991 and 1996 Erin McChesney and Cougar's Fete; 2003 Heather Bergantz Reynolds and Master Motion; 2011 Jeremy Reynolds and Riverwatch


Year Tevis Cup - Best Performance Haggin Cup - Superior Condition
1955 Wendell Robie  
1956 Wendell Robie
1957 Wendell Robie
1958 Wendell Robie
1959 Nick Mansfield
First Award of Tevis Cup
1960 Ernie Sanchez
1961 Drucilla Barner
1962 Paige Harper
1963 Pat Fitzgerald
1964 Neil Hutton Paige Harper - First Award of Haggin Cup
1965 Ed Johnson Wendell Robie
1966 Bud Dardi Frank Moan
1967 Ed Johnson Bud Dardi
1968 Bud Dardi Paige Harper
1969 Marion Robie Arnold Walter Tibbitts
1970 Donna Fitzgerald Suzanne Morstad
1971 Donna Fitzgerald Vicki Anderson
1972 Donna Fitzgerald Hal V. Hall
1973 Donna Fitzgerald Minette Rice-Edwards
1974 Hal V. Hall Eva Taylor
1975 Donna Fitzgerald Wiggy Wisdom
1976 Donna Fitzgerald
and Sam Arnold (Tie Finish)
Sam Arnold
1977 Hal V. Hall William Fox
1978 Kathie Perry Hal V. Hall
1979 Boyd Zontelli Mary Tiscornia
1980 Loreley Stewart Hugh Bryson
1981 Boyd Zontelli Linda Gallagher Bentham
1982 Marjorie Pryor Jack Garnett
1983 Marjorie Pryor Julie Suhr
1984 Becky Hart Julie Suhr
1985 Boyd Zontelli Emmett Ross
1986 Loreley Stewart Julie Suhr
1987 Kathy Ray Sherode Powers
1988 Becky Hart Raymond Visco
1989 Lari Shea not awarded
1990 Hal V. Hall Daniel Bunn
1991 Erin McChesney Erin McChesney
1992 Marcia Smith, DVM
and Shellie Hatfield (Tie Finish)
Marcia Smith, DVM
1993 Chris Knoch Cassandra Schuler, DVM
1994 Chris Knoch Cassandra Schuler, DVM
1995 Matthew Mackay-Smith Hugh Helm
1996 Erin McChesney Erin McChesney
1997 Marcia Smith, DVM Ona Lawrence
1998 Potato Richardson Sandy Brown
1999 Rebecca S. Fiedler Heather Bergantz
2000 Judy Reens Elise Geske
2001 Marcia Smith, DVM Cathy Rohm
2002 Potato Richardson Hal V. Hall
2003 Heather Bergantz Reynolds Heather Bergantz Reynolds
2004 Jeremy Reynolds
and Becky Spencer (Tie Finish)
Jeremy Reynolds
2005 Cathy Rohm Richardson Michele Roush
2006 John Crandall III John Crandall III
2007 Jeremy Reynolds John Crandall III
2008 No Ride Due To Fire
2009 Sarah Engsberg Melissa Ribley
2010 John Crandall III Garrett Ford
2011 Jeremy Reynolds Jeremy Reynolds
2012 Garrett Ford Rusty Toth
2013 Rusty Toth Suzanne Hedgecock
2014 Heather Reynolds Barrak Blakeley
2015 Potato Richardson Jenni Smith
2016 Karen Donley Lisa Ford
2017 Tennessee Lane Jeremy Reynolds
2018 Heather Reynolds Mykayla Corgnell
2019 Sanoma Blakeley Lindsay Graham Fisher, DVM
2020 Ride cancelled due to Covid-19 Pandemic
2021 Jeremy Reynolds Jeanette (Jay) Mero, DVM