The Western States Trail Endowment Fund

Dedicated to preserving the integrity
and heritage of the Western States Trail


2021 Officers

Chairman Crysta Turnage
Vice Chairman Kathie Perry
Treasurer Mike Pickett
Secretary Abigail Madden

Other Members to the Board

Jeff Herten (Past Chairman)
Bob Marx
*Roxanne Greene
Jenni Smith
Tony Benedetti
Jerry Wittenaur (Provisional)

* WSTF Board Members Emertus


Established in 1996 as a special reserve account for future needs of the Trail, the Western States Trail Endowment Fund is committed to preserving the invested capital and building its assets so as to form a continuous source of income to meet the goals of the Western States Trail Foundation.

The current goal of the Endowment Fund is to raise $500,000 through its “Adopt the Trail” program. One mile sections of “adopted trail” are available for $5,280; half- and quarter-mile sections are available for adoption at $2,640 and $1,320, respectively. Full- and half-mile contributors may also name their section of trail. Payment of the selected amount may also be pledged and paid in installments over a five-year period.

Portions of the trail may also be adopted at $1.00 per foot, the minimum pledge being $25.00. The Fund has designated sections of the Western States Trail, known as “Worldwide Miles,” for recognition of these contributions.

WSTEF is a qualified Charitable Organization. Your Adopt-the-Trail donations may qualify as a deduction for tax purposes. You should consult with your tax advisor for complete information. The WSTEF Office will provide a donation receipt for your records.