Communications Volunteer

To volunteer on the Communications team, fill out this form, scan and email to Sési Catalano, Tevis Volunteer Coordinator at

Communication support for the Tevis Cup endurance ride is provided by individual volunteer radio operators as well as by amateur radio clubs and groups in coordination with the Ride. This information aids management during the event, enhances safety measures and tracks the participants. Relaying the progress of the riders by ham radio and over the internet is broadcast on the Tevis Cup website as the WebCast.

All levels of experience are welcomed to volunteer on the Communications team. From 2 meter (VHF) to 70 centimeter (UHF) and even unlicensed volunteers; we welcome the support.

Equipment needed: While dual-banded capability is preferable, many checkpoints have handheld access to one or more of the repeater networks. Transmission includes both voice and WinLink2000 depending on location and the availability of equipment. If you don't have equipment, you may still be able to work with or at certain locations. Check the Volunteer Requirements page for more specifics.

Bring a friend or family members to help and make a day of it. There are lots of other volunteer positions available besides communications too.

Additionally, the Sweep Riders of the Sierra provide an opportunity for licensed operators to participate along sections of the trail via horseback. Check out their website here.

For more information about becoming a Communications volunteer visit: Volunteer Requirements

You can find Communication information about the Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run here including their volunteer and radio related requirements.

Please note: The UHF systems are part of a large, linked and closed network. Please do not use them other than on event-day without prior coordination with the Sierra Radio Association.