The Drucilla Barner Award

Drucilla Barner, Wendell Robie’s executive secretary at Heart Federal Savings and Loan was one of the first women to ride the Western States 100 Mile One-Day Ride and in 1961, she became the first woman to win the Ride.  In addition to riding, she contributed to and supported the Ride from the first day she rode the trail until her death.  After her death she continued to support the Trail and the Ride through the Dru Barner Memorial Foundation created out of her very modest estate.  The Foundation has been instrumental in the creation of Dru Barner Equestrian Park in El Dorado County and has supported the preservation and enhancement of the Western States Trail and other trails on the Western slope of the Sierra Mountains for many years.

Drucilla Barner's memory is honored annually by presenting a distinguished service award to a person, who like Drucilla Barner, has made a significant contribution to the goals of the Western States Trail Foundation.

2021 Barbara White

2020 Chuck Mather

2019 Joe Larkin 

2018 Tom Christofk

2017 Jeff Herten and Debby Lyon

2016 Kathie Perry

2015 Mike Pickett

2014 Bill Pieper

2013 Jerry Scribner

2012 Marvin Jacinto

2011 Heather Davis

2010 Roxanne Greene


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