Friends of the Tevis Awards

The Friends of the Tevis Award is given to annually to one or more individuals who have volunteered their time and show dedication to the Western States Trail Foundation in support of the trail and the Tevis ride over a period of time. This award is in recognition for their exceptional contributions and assistance.


2012 Synopsis
Rex Maynard 30+ years running the Red Star Ridge vet checkpoint
Bob and Karel Waugh 15+ years at Robinson Flat doing parking and organizing P&R team
Bob and Mary Anne Balthrope Founders of SOS and Radio Teams for Tevis
Julie Borgna 25 years as a volunteer at Francisco's
Dale & Margie Peterson 24 years running Francisco's vet checkpoint
Wayne Bair 30 years shoeing the Ride
Rho Bailey 50 years volunteering in many jobs
Chuck Mather
Chuck Gabri
Bill Johnson
Joe Larkin
All four of these guys have dedicated thousands of hours doing anything asked of them, from trail work to computer work as BOG members, setting up PA Systems etc. They are always there to fill any need.



Judy Hall Judy Hall has been a friend of the WST for many years. She has two ride buckles when she completed the ride in 1991 & 1993. She then volunteered as a vet secretary for 7 years. In 2002 she became Head Vet Secretary and held that job for another 11 years. She is now the Co-head volunteer for the water stop at Michigan Bluff. She has participated in multiple fundraisers, fun rides (both riding and volunteering), and trail maintenance. Anyone riding through Michigan Bluff is sure to receive from Judy a smile and a cold drink for their horse and themselves.
Becky Morris Becky is another volunteer who has a passion for the WST, the Run and the Ride. She has been the Co-Head Volunteer for the Red Star Ridge Vet Check for 15 years. However, Rex admits that Becky does all the organizing and most of the work. Becky is also a runner and she earned her first WS 100 buckle in 2005 at the age of 59 and her second 2007 at the age of 61. It takes someone tough to run Red Star Ridge.
Greg Kimler Greg served on the Board of Governors of the WSTF for over 10 years. He ran the Tevis Store for 5 years and was also chairman of the Trails Committee for over 12 years. He continues to do extensive work on the WST. His business, Echo Valley Ranch, has been the Official Hay and Feed Sponsor for the Ride for over 6 years. Greg also organizes the Porta-Potties, dumpsters and water trucks for the ride. Each year he or his employees use his truck and water tank to deliver water and troughs to many of the various stops. He stores much of the large Tevis equipment at his business and is always there to help the Tevis Ride. If you ride the Tevis or any other local fun ride or endurance ride, you will always see Echo Valley water troughs and your horse will be eating hay and feed donated by Greg. Greg has 4 ride buckles and will be going for his 5th this year.
Bob Suter Bob has been passionate about the WST and the Tevis for many years. He has 2 Run buckles and 3 Ride buckles and was probably the second person to earn both buckles after Gordy Ainsleigh. He helped to blaze and build the trail from Foresthill to Francisco’s when the course was moved out of Todd Valley. He has helped with horse transport and has been the Co-Head Volunteer for the Michigan Bluff vet check, Chicken Hawk Vet Check, and for the last 7 years, the Hodgson Cabin Vet Check. For the last 5 years he has worked to facilitate the sale of 10,000 acres next to Granite Chief Wilderness in order to secure an easement for the WST and to retain water rights for the horses at the site of Hodgson Cabin. He is also one of the directors of the Western States Safe Trails Alliance and continues to work with government agencies to keep the trail safe.



George and Leslie DeMay 18 years as head volunteers at Deadwood
Gene and Mary Freeland From first riding as a Sweep Rider in 1985, to posting times at the finish line in1993, and as Official Volunteers  in 1997 they've done most everything. For 6 years they worked as Barn Managers/Tevis Store Managers with their daughter Dawn. More recently, the family has worked Net Control, horse transport and on the Tevis Forum.
Jon Saunders Before Jon rode in 1987, he was already taking pictures and even volunteering at Robie Point. Much of his time volunteering involved helping with traffic issues and then Jon took over as the Head Volunteer for Horse Transport in 2007. In 2015 Jon successfully recruited and organized thirty-one trailers for the Ride.
Martin Macken Martin's experience with Tevis began with his involvement in the Gold Country Endurance Riders group when he was asked to crew for Brenda McClellan and subsequently was recruited by Larry Suddjian to work at Upper Quarry where he would go on to become the Head Volunteer. This vet check was eventually changed to Lower Quarry. Martin also briefly served as a WSTF Board member. After joining the Placer County Search and Rescue, Martin would gain the experience to help develop Tev Sweep when the County could no longer provide sweep services. He worked to bring water to Dusty Corners until it became more than a watering hole and still Martin volunteers as what he likes to call, "just the water boy".



Sandee Dennison Grew up volunteering at Tevis. Rode as a Drag Rider and later a Sweep rider when S.O.S. was formed, including as a licensed Ham radio operator. Completed the ride in 1970. Sandee continues to stay involved with Tevis in various ways.
Matt Scribner Promoter of Tevis through various outlets, including founding Tevis Talks which raises funds for the Western States Trail. Created the Official Sponsorship Program. Matt has volunteered in many capacities at the Ride including finish line announcer and Haggin Cup announcing. His first Tevis completion was in 1994.
Jennifer Montgomery Placer County Supervisor for District 5 which encompasses nearly all of the Western States Trail. Volunteer before, during and after the ride. Jennifer has been instrumental in supporting the WSTF interests in discussions with the US Forest Service, State Parks, CHP, and numerous Special Interests and agencies that affect the Western States Trail and the Tevis Cup Ride.



Jim Baldwin  
Ed Moore  
Mark Falcone  
Tim Twietmeyer  
Craig Thornley  
Tony Rossmann  
John Trent  



Greg Martin  
Katey Osborn