2021 Checkpoint Card and Robinson Flat

This year's Checkpoint Card is now available.

Robinson Flat Crew Restrictions

Because of USFS logging activities and resulting restrictions, we are not able to use the normal area for the Robinson Flat vet check. For this reason, this year crews there will be limited to one vehicle (with pass) and only two crew members who will need wristbands to access the check. Wristband control will be tightly controlled and enforced (and grounds for rider disqualification if abused).

The area available to us is relatively small compared to the usual spacious crewing area, so we need crews to be as efficient as possible to reduce congestion and chaos. The vet check will be spread along the Soda Springs Road as it approaches Robinson Flat from Red Star Ridge. As in past years, we will be allowing crew vehicles up to unload—but then one crew member will need to drive back down to park the vehicle, while the other makes a relatively long walk to the crewing area. Unless you are very minimalist, use of some kind of wheeled cart is highly recommended.